35 Jamaican teachers ready to teach students about their CSME rights

RAI Team Member Dr Gordon Harewood assesses breakout groups during Teacher Training in Montego Bay

RAI Team Member Dr Gordon Harewood assesses breakout groups during Teacher Training in Montego Bay

Two teacher training workshops in Montego Bay and Kingston in February equipped 35 teachers to teach life skills and concepts designed to show students how to access their right to work, travel and do business in 13 CARICOM countries under the CARICOM Single Market.

The Workshops, two of 10 ‘CSME in schools’ Teacher training sessions scheduled for six CARICOM countries began with opening ceremonies featuring officials from the CARICOM Secretariat’s Barbados-based CARICOM Single Market and Economy Unit and the Ministry of Foreign Affair and Foreign Trade, the National CSME Focal Point in Jamaica. The Secretariat was represented by Ms Wanya Illes and the Ministry by Ms Faith Mullings Williams of the Department of International Trade Agreements. The opening included refresher presentations on the CSME, latest decisions and groundbreaking judgments, and an overview of the rights of all Jamaicans and their legally defensible means of redress if those rights are violated.

The Workshop, convened by the national focal point Ministry for the CARICOM Single Market and Economy in Jamaica, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Foreign Trade in partnership with the CARICOM Secretariat and with funding from the Government of Canada is intended to assist Jamaican teachers at the CXC and CCLC levels to integrate information on the CSME and the CSME Regimes into their teaching plans, so as to better equip Jamaican youth to be aware of, and fully exploit their rights and privileges as CARICOM nationals.

Facilitator Dr Gordon Harewood, a renowned Curriculum Development Specialist utlized a highly participatory training module to engage teachers. Similar teacher training sessions in Belize, Guyana, St Vincent and the Grenadines and Grenada have been highly commended. All participating teachers will receive Certificates of Participation.

This training opportunity is a programmed output under a “Consultancy to improve Information Flows within the CSME”. The project, now underway in Jamaica, Belize, Guyana, Dominica, St Vincent and the Grenadines, and Grenada aims to increase the number and types of information channels promoting the CARICOM Single Market to CARICOM nationals. The project falls under component 300 of the CARICOM Trade and Competitiveness Project (CTCP) which seeks to widen the scope of participation by stakeholders and beneficiaries in the process of decision-making, implementation and operation of the CARICOM Single Market.

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