Technical Assistance

The Information Flows team is committed to collaboration and partnership building. We pledge to listen, seek consensus and to equip participating Member States with the best know how available to advance knowledge and action on CARICOM Single Market awareness and public education


The project team will deliver short term technical assistance to bolster the capacity within the CSME focal point Ministry in six CARICOM Members States (Belize, Jamaica, Grenada, Dominica, St Vincent and the Grenadines and Guyana) to sustain information flows and channels on CSME to interest groups and the general public.

Elements of the Technical Assistance

1. CSME Awareness and Public Education strategies:   In four of the six CARICOM countries  CSME Awareness and Public Education strategies will be developed on the basis of consultation with government and other stakeholders and beneficiaries.  Read More on the CSME Awareness/Public Education Strategy development

2. Sustainability Planning: We will advise Governments  of workable strategies for sustaining action on awareness building activities in the medium to long term. In one target Member State, the project will seek to contribute to the technical capacity building of the agency responsible for distributing government information.

3. CSME workplace education sessions: AccessCSME – The Workplace Edition – takes CSME education sessions directly to the offices of Ministries Departments and Agencies which are on the frontline of CSME action and response. Read More on AccessCSME – The Workplace Edition

4. Contribution to  The project will contribute content to Read More on CSME content development 

5. Regular press releases. 



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