AccessCSME – The Workplace edition

If you work with a Government ministry, department or agency which handles applications, requests and procedures related to the CSME, then you are certainly part of our ever expanding TeamCARICOM that represents the mission of the Single Market. If you represent government offices and interest groups  with a large number of stakeholders who could become active participants in the single market, this is your team. We share the latest updates on free movement to work, travel and do business, clarify roles and responsibilities of your line staff in facilitating access to these rights by your nationals, and yes, we answer the tough questions on the mechanisms in place to overcome the challenges. And what of the impact of the Shanique Myrie case on the CSME? Our two hour workplace sessions are designed to be interactive, informative and straightforward.

Time frame: 1st to third week in December 2014

Duration of session: Two hours

Workplace sessions will focus on:

a) Free movement of skills/persons;
b) The Right of establishment;
c) Free Movement of services;
d) The movement of capital;
e) The free movement of Goods
f) The regional Government procurement framework;
g) The CARICOM Complaints Procedure;
h) Recommendations for harmonized standards, practices and procedures for access to the CSME


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