CSME Awareness/Public Education Strategies

C4D is a true participatory process where experts share, but moreso they listen and are willing to  adjust their own “expert” approach to consider the real stakeholders – the people. C4D is the method selected for development of Awareness/Public education strategies under this project. Nationals will own the strategy at the end of the process 

The team employs the Communication for Development (C4D) approach in project implementation. C4D emphasizes the “voice of the people” and their stake in the process. This is your opportunity to tell us what on your mind,to share your thoughts on how the Single Market has/has not worked for you and to brainstorm real solutions for channeling the information to those who need it.

Specially tailored C4D Workshops will be held in Belize, Grenada, Dominica and Guyana during the month of November 2014 to seek the inputs and recommendations of government, private sector and civil society representatives. It is hoped that participants will take ownership of the resulting strategy and sustain the channels and communication tools which will be developed.

The project team will submit comprehensive awareness strategies in draft to the CSME focal points and National Coordinators by mid December

Duration: One Day

C4D Implementation period: November 2014

Target countries: Belize, Grenada, Dominica and Guyana

Deadline for submission of Strategies: Mid December 2014


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