CSME Spokespersons

All trained Spokespersons automatically become members of the prestigious CSME Speakers Bureau – an on call team of CSME champions who will spread the word about Single Market benefits, opportunities and when needed, means of redress for abuse of rights

The project team will work with CTCP national coordinators and CSME focal points to mobilize Government officers, business persons and professionals for CSME Spokespersons training workshops, scheduled for February 2015. These one day Workshops will equip participants to effectively communicate information about the CARIOM Single Market’s regimes, benefits and application procedures to interest groups and the general public.

Trailblazers In Training

Participant Profile: Persons in Government, private sector and civil society who have actively participated in the CSME. In Government, these would be professionals who are responsible for CSME action and response; In private sector and civil society these would be persons who have actively accessed benefits under one or more of the regimes, including free movement of skills, free movement of goods, services, capital and people.

Training period: February 2015

Duration: One two-day Spokespersons training workshop will be convened in each participating Member State, for a total of six spokespersons workshops.

Focus: Workshops will focus on presentation techniques, media interview tips, primer/refresher on the CSME, communicating the CSME effectively, outreach strategies

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