Media Training

Delivery of a Workshop session to  media workers in each participating Member State on the

A brand new ambasasdorial network - prepared to speak from the heart

A Media Workshop with a difference – Interactive, powerful, dynamic, engaging

operations of the CSME and professional training specific to the craft. The sessions will be recorded for future editing.

The Workshop is implemented in four parts over two days:

Part I – The Movement – An exposition on the nuts and bolts of the CARICOM Single Market with an emphasis on Access to provisions, benefits, rights and redress
Part II – A Movement in Motion – A practical overview of the progress of the Single Market – in numbers and behind the numbers – to the faces and the lives that constitute the Single Market
Part III – Me & Free Movement – Sessions that personally link the career ambitions and personal ambitions of the media worker to his/her rights under the CSME; Linking the media worker as beneficiary
Part IV – Me & the Mission – Small group sessions which seek to move the Media Worker to the next level in understanding his /her role in providing balanced perspectives on the Regional integration movement and their responsibilities in public awareness.

The Media Training on the CSME is tailored to increase knowledge of journalists on the CSME and to help them to gain an appreciation of its impact on national community and individual lives.

Training period: February 2015

Duration: Two Days

Focus: CSME primer, CSME status reports, state of CSME reporting nationally and regionally; media workers’ opportunities, mining the hidden gems, media and public awareness, breakout groups to solicit solutions from the media

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